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Cancer survivors, fighters, and thrivers - paint what is their happiest thought to them, from a previous, current or future experience. The event took place at the Cancer Care Center on Tuesday in Swansea and drew about a dozen people. Shay Mayweather, Miss Missouri SuperNational, thought up the project and worked with the Center's staff to make it a reality. The paintings will be auctioned off at the Crown Room at BallPark Village, with proceeds going back to the Cancer Care Center. Bill Mayr (center) brought a photo of a scene from Montecatini Terme in the Tuscany region of Italy and was drawing from it. It is where he and his wife Carolyn Mayr (at right) spent their 50th wedding anniversary in 2007 and it is his best memory. She was drawing their wedding day by memory - from a little more than 57 years ago. They live in Belleville. In the far background at left is Sharon YvonneWorrill who is originally from the area. She developed cancer when she lived in Los Angeles. She later had a double-mastectomy, and now teaches classes at the Cancer Care Center twice a week and has moved backto the area, and resides in Fairview Heights.