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Belleville Stags striker "The Kaiser" Mike Fink of Belleville connects with the ball as he is watched by the arbiter ("Judge" David P. Showmaker) standing near home plate.  Fink plays the "short scout" or "rover" position which is the equivalent of a modern day shortstop.  The photos were taken at their Saturday August 18 game under the Gateway Arch on the St. Louis riverfront.  This was one game from a series of round-robin exhibition games with other vintage base ball teams.  The teams played by rules of the game as they were in the late 19th century -- when there were no umpires, only a lone arbiter to make judgement calls.  The Belleville Stags, Lafayette Cyclone BBC, and the St. Louis Unions competed and were hosted on the site by the Federal Park Service, which had information booths and handouts for interested people.