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Workers from York Turf Services glue down the sections of EnviroTurf field surface at the Lindenwood football stadium on Friday June 22.  The man on the ground at right crawls backwards, pulling the aligned sections apart so the middle man, holding the hose, can apply a heated adhesive.  The man at left pulls the two sections together and holds them momentarily for the glue to bond.  The glue - heated to 365 degrees - is fed through the hose from the trailer at right, which is pulled along by another worker.  Finally, the man at far left drives a roller over the strips, guaranteeing they hold together. The alternating light gray and red strips of material are five yards wide, and each piece runs the width of the field.  Each roll of the artificial field surface material weighs about 1400 pounds, and the sections are glued together using an adhesive heated to 365 degrees.  When completed, this will be only the second alternating colored field in the United States -- the only other one is at the University of Central Arkansas, which has alternating stripes of purple and gray.  Workers should complete the artificial field surface application in about a week, depending on the weather.  The word "Lindenwood" will be in the end zones, running about 100 feet in length, and the Lindenwood "LU" logo, about 30 feet in diameter, will be placed in the center of the field.