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The student-run coffee shop inside the Belleville East High School library - called "The Daily Grind" - does brisk business before school begins with sales of coffees, fruit juice drinks, and a variety of snacks and pastries. It opens at 8 a.m., and runs through the first and second periods of school. Long lines are a common sight, with over 100 students making purchases on a typical morning. Seniors in one of two marketing education classes taught by Mark Crask operate the shop, track expenses, take inventory, and order supplies. It gives them a hands-on experience on running a business. They get class credit for their time, and students rotate from job-to-job to learn all the skills needed to operate the business. Senior Ellis Scott is a "runner" who fills the coffee orders and grabs the pastries and other items the students order from the cashiers. Here he fills a coffee request. He and others shift jobs around so everyone learns all the skills.