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This unnamed female pit bull lunged at Gateway Pet Guardians volunteer Melissa Stiles from St. Louis as she tried to give it fresh water Friday afternoon.  The aggressive dog was chained up to a pole near the intersection of 14th Street and Piggot Avenue in East St. Louis.  On Thursday, Julia Mittelstadt - founder and chairman of the advisory board of the non-profit Gateway Pet Guardians group - cited the owner for leaving the dog outside, exposed to the severe cold.  The group had also dropped off a free doghouse on Thursday (shown at left).  Stiles was not injured in this attack, but despite repeated attempts to give the dog water, it kept barking and lunging at her, so she finally gave up.  Volunteer Leldon Love (not shown), who is also from St. Louis, accompanied Mittelstadt and Stiles, and hauls the dog houses and straw for bedding in a pickup truck.  He also assembles the free doghouses which the group gives out.