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Luke Harris of Alton - one half of the Itchy Brothers Chainsaw Art team - puts finishing touches on a life-size eagle he carved out of a block of sassafras wood.  He and his chainsaw art partner Don Johnson of Grafton favor soft woods for their carving.  Johnson had carved a pelican bird out of a piece of catalpa tree. The duo were creating their art on Saturday at the Lewis & Clark Tower in Hartford.  They travel extensively for the demonstrations of their skill with a chainsaw.  Johnson said between the two of them they carry between eight and ten chainsaws when they're on the road.  They also carry fuel, oil, and tools for minor repairs to their machines.  They've used a variety of different makes of saws, but they lean towards Echos, which they buy off eBay.  They also sell the finished creations, after they are sealed and colored with stains.