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A police officer takes a portrait photograph of Nathan Young (far left). The man in custody at far right is Dremond Freeman.  Young and Freeman were just two of the people that police targeted during simultaneous raids in Brooklyn Friday afternoon.  The man in the middle was arrested for having outstanding traffic warrants which police discovered as they checked out all the individuals at one of the sites they raided.  All three men were handcuffed and taken to this waiting area on the parking lot of the Brooklyn police and fire departments to await transportation to the St. Clair County Jail.  MEGSI (the Metropolitan Enforcement Group of Southwestern Illinois) conducted simultaneous drug and prostitution raids at several locations in Brooklyn.  MEGSI is composed of Illinois State Police officers, United States marshals, officers from various city and county police agencies, plus other members of law enforcement.  This coordinated raid by about 20 officers targeted several individuals who had outstanding arrest warrants on file.