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041008tvhighwater.Kristin Hagen swings out through the window of her 1999 Ford Taurus as her boyfriend Jeremy Murray carries her bag to higher ground after her car stalled on Premier Drive, in front of Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Company on Thursday April 10, 2008.  Hagen had picked up Murray, an employee at Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Company, for lunch, and upon their return to drop him back off at work they encountered the deep water which stalled her car.  Heavy rains had been washing over the region since the early morning hours, causing excess runoff from parking lots and other paved surfaces in the Belle-Valley Industrial Park where this happened, located off of Illinois Route 177 on Belleville's eastern side.  Eariler, another vehicle had stalled about 100 feet from thi spot.  Both Hagen and Murray live in Red Bud, IL and neither were injured; just soaked after their wade to safety..TIM VIZER/BELLEVILLE NEWS-DEMOCRAT