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Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert was a guest reader at the daycare at the First United Presbyterian Church, 1303 Royal Heights Road in Belleville. The youngsters there are learning about how caterpillars mature and grow into butterflies, so the book Eckert read was most appropriate, as it dealt with this and had beautiful drawings accompanying the text. The studnets have also raised caterpillars through the cocoon stage of their lifecycle, and are now waiting for them to break out of the cocoons as mature Painted Lady variety butterflies. Eckert also took questions from ythe children, including "Do you have a dog?", Where do you live? What does your office look like? and Do you like Ritz Crackers?"  One youngster even asked Mayor Eckert  "if he wanted to come to his birthday party and play with the other kids there?" The study of the flying insects is all a part of the Week of the Young Child, which is sponsored and promoted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Here, Eckert calls on a youungster who had his hand up for another question.